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Hello to you!

Hi my name is Juliet and I absolutely love Bo Selecta. I have been watching this show scine last year. I have downloaded all the episodes from series 1 onto my computer, I got series 2 DVD and I got the Proper Crimbo single on CD and music video on DVD.</p>

I am looking forward for series 3 to come on next week. This should be exciting. I bought this weeks copy of The Heat magazine and it preview some pictures of the new characters. I manage to scan them and here they are:

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oh my god kat slater is brilliant!
I was thinking the same - the trotters are brilliant XD

thanks for scanning benderette :-)
Hey you welcome. I am looking forward for the Kat Slater bit because she is my favourite character from Eastenders
vernon kay was in the other two series aswell, but kat slater is hilarious..vile!
oh and next friday next friday! i cannae wait pet!
LMAO. The Cheeky Girls!